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This is why Meghan Markle won't be using any dark-colour nail polish

Newly married Meghan Markle reportedly has to follow some laid down rules, after her marriage to Prince Harry last Saturday.
The Duchess of Sussex has kissed her very public life goodbye and is expected to resign to a more conservative one.

She will no longer have social media accounts, will no longer take selfies, no getting involved in politics and will no longer use any dark or overly bright colour nail polish.

Metro.UK, reports that Meghan will only be allowed to use natural-looking nails while making public appearances for the royal family, reason being that the Queen consider unnatural and dark coloured nails as vulgar.

The rule didn't just start with the former actress. Kate Middleton, has been adhering to it strictly, since she wedded Prince Williams in 2011.

While Meghan has broken traditional style rules with her preference for messy buns, it looks like the nail polish rule is one she’ll follow.

She has only been pictured wearing light pink polish since the announcement of her engagement back in November 2017.

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