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See the lovely moment a girl proposed to her lover not knowing she planned to do same

A couple’s proposal is trending, after one got down on bended knee to propose, only for the other to pull another engagement ring out and reveal her plans to do the same.

Becky McCabe planned to proposed to her lover Jessa Gillaspie but didn't know she was planning same. The lovers took a trip to Memphis Zoo last Friday with the intention of popping the question. McCabe ended up proposing first. She was shocked to see Gillespie to burst into laughter. Gillespie then pulled out the engagement ring she had planned to surprise her partner with.

The romantic proposal was caught on video. In the video, McCabe is seen whispering romantic words to her partner, who clasp her hands to her face with delight just before the proposal happened.

McCabe didn't immediately get a 'yes', instead, was faced with a torturous wait after popping the question, as her stunned partner disappeared from view. She returned moments later brandishing her own ring box, prompting whoops of delight from a shocked McCabe who then says: ‘We just proposed to each other.’

Gillaspie posted the video to Facebook captioning it;

‘Becky McCabe and I got ENGAGED Friday night at Zoo Brew!!!!!!! ‘I had no idea she planned to propose, and she had no idea I planned to propose to her! We were both so surprised!!!! We were surrounded by our friends and had the most amazing night. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call her my fiancé.'

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