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Redeemed Christian Church of God will now examine intending couples' genitals before marriage

So there's a letter making the rounds on social media, purportedly written by the leadership of Redeemed Christian Church of God. In the letter, pastors have been instructed to conduct a genital examination amongst other tests before wedding any couple in the church.

According to the letter, the church has been directed by the General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye, to examine intending couples a little more than necessary because of some falsehood between couples.

The letter issued and signed on the 10th of May reads:

The Mission Authority has observed the reoccurrence of cases of marital crises resulting from falsehood especially the case of undeclared or unconfessed reproductive/genital status. We have the directive of the General Overseer to instruct all the Mission's outpost that forthwith, pre-marital medical examinations for intending couple should also include genital test.
Further, Provinces are requested to register with particular (trusted) Government Approved Hospital for the various pre-marital medical examination for intending couples. 

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