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Oil and Gas worker arrested and extorted by SARS for applying for South African Visa... photo of the criminal police officer

Bobby Atey 

An oil worker who was arrested and detained by SARS for doing absolutely nothing has shared his story online. Bobby Atey took to Instagram to narrate how a was branded a criminal by men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) and thrown into police cell because they found a South African Visa Application form on him. Recounting his ordeal, Attey wrote:

So yesterday I was about driving from Ajangbadi to lekki when these police officers who were in a mini van and weren’t on uniform stopped me and wanted to see my I.d.I showed them and the leader insisted I followed them and when we got there they searched my car and found documents I used in applying for a South African visa and the leader was like why “why do you want to travel to SA, you’re a thief!
I laughed it off cause it sounded funny. So they took me in and were interrogating me on the documents and id they found on me which was an Id of the previous company I worked with,which I decided to hold on to cuz they they never paid me my outstanding salary.
They searched Atey's phones and when they couldn't find anything incriminating, they took the phones, his car key, and his wallet. Because he wouldn’t bribe them, they they tagged him a criminal (yahoo boy).  Attey says: 
They cuffed me and put me in a cell like a common criminal. But I wasn’t having all of that time wasting because I have to submit another visa application this week before going offshore on Saturday so the leader then asked his boys to follow me to withdraw the sum of 50k he said he wasn’t going to take less. 
It was an annoying sum but I did because I was going to expose those criminals in uniform afterwards. Gave them the money and they were all smiles. Collected the number of the leader cuz i was going to search for him on Facebook or WhatsApp to get his pictures. Asked for his name, he said ken but I searched on Truecaller and found it as Okon.
Atey posted his photo online in a bid the shame him. See the criminal officer below:

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