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Doctors find 1kg of marijuana hidden inside woman's vagina (photos)

A drug mule tried to deceive doctors by telling them she was pregnant and that her baby had not moved when she was stopped in Mexico. The woman, identified only as Gloria C, 37, complained of pains in her stomach and was quickly taken to Ruben Lenero Hospital, Mexico city.

Doctors who treated her found 1kg of cannabis that was freshly picked with the clumps of earth still attached, tucked inside her vagina.
Gloria had said she was pregnant but after doctors were unable to find a heartbeat, they transferred her to a specialist women’s hospital.

Weed found in a woman's vagina

There she was operated on and instead of a baby they found cannabis in her vagina and lower  abdomen. The drugs had been wrapped in a masking tape that had broken and still had clumps of earth attached.

The surgeon who performed the operation, Lourdes Yanez, took the cannabis out of Gloria’s body and delivered it to the Public Ministry.
Reports have it that, that wasn't the first time Gloria would be performing that kind of stunt. She was reportedly found guilty of the same crime in 2010 and 2015.

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