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Charly boy explains why he advised pregnant Linda Ikeji to forget marriage

Linda Ikeji's pregnancy is still causing a major fuss online. Social Media users have remained divided days after the popular blogger announced she is with child. Many have called her out for turning up pregnant after she preached celibacy for years.

Linda, after her pregnancy announcement had severely tried to explain her stance on the issue of celibacy but people don't seem to be buying it.

Charly Boy took to Instagram to lend his voice in support of her.  He pointed out that Linda had been used in the past by men who pretended to be be prospective husbands. He said it's a good thing she decided to heed his advice as regards marriage, as marriage is not for all.

Here's what he wrote:

For those brainless cells who couldn’t grasp why I told Linda Ikeji to forget about Marriage. *They don’t make men like they use to. *Most young men are just looking for someone to pay their bills. *Linda been burnt so many times by useless wayo men parading themselves as prospective husbands. *Most good men are already taken. *Most men don’t have the confidence to live with an already made Woman. *Most women desire a very strong man, who can take charge and take care. *Marriage very soon will no longer be fashionable, because most people can’t cope. *Marriage is a good thing if you’re lucky, but no be for everybody joor.
One of my daughter’s has been a single mother after leaving a very abusive marriage. She is the best Mum I know and doing well for herself. Marriage can only work for two people who understand that marriage is a lot of discipline and hard work. It’s not a tea party. Even some so called “Men of God” cant holddown a marriage.
I have managed to survive almost 40yrswith the same woman, no be sey e sweet like dat, so Mumu men should go think about their life. It takes two to tango.Leave Linda alone biko. Go face ur life.

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