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Woman who dumped her lover for his father set to wed him with the jilted lover's blessing

A woman who dumped her boyfriend for his dad, has revealed they are getting married, and with her jilted boyfriend's blessing.

27-year-old Jamie-Rae Robertson, first met her fiancé, Andy Pinder, 49, after being invited to dinner at his house by his son. Robertson fell instantly in love with her boyfriend's dad, and that was the beginning of a feeling that would culminate into a love affair.

Robertson told The Sunday Mirror,  'I just knew right then he was the man I wanted to spend my life with.' Mr Pinder admitted the feeling was mutual from the get go. He said:

when our eyes met it lasted a few moments, but it seemed like forever. It felt like I was looking into her soul.

Robertson then dumped Pinder's son, as she was only going out with him because she enjoyed Sunday lunches with his father. Four years after they met, Pinder's son gave the couple his blessing to get married. The unlikely couple who now have a one year old daughter named Maddy, were initially worried about how their respective families would react to the news, but that's out of the way now. They will walk down the aisle in July.
 'If I hadn’t met Andy’s son I wouldn’t have met Andy. I’ll always be grateful to his son for for bringing him into my life. I just hope people don’t judge us over what happened, because we are meant to be, Robertson said.

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