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Woman welcomes a set of twins after 3 years of infertility, 4 miscarriages, 1 ectopic pregnancy and loss of one of her tubes

This brave Nigerian woman has been trending online, after she shared her story. The unnamed woman recently welcomed a set of twins after three years of secondary infertility.
She shared a post online revealing her fertility struggle.

In a post, posted to her daughter's Instagram page, the woman revealed she suffered four miscarriages, had an ectopic pregnancy, lost one of her tubes before she finally carried and birth a set of twins.

Here's what she shared:

From a girl who never loved twins to a lady who later started praying to have them 😀. After 3 good years of fertility struggle. After 4 miscarriages including 1 ectopic that led to removal of one of my tubes. After so much tears. After sleepless nights. After so much trauma and pain. I prayed, i fasted, i lost hope, i had hope, i told God to give me double blessings for my trouble. I told him to bless me with 2 identical healthy and handsome boys. I promised him that only him will take all the glory. Yes he listened and did it when i least expected. JULY 2017 that happens to be my beautiful princess Diana @kidmodeldiana birth month. HE blessed me with the fruit of the womb. August 2017, Scan showed me we have been blessed with identical twins.... Then i burst into tears, i knelt down nd THANKED HIM FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYERS. FOR WIPING MY TEARS AND SHOWING ME HE HAS NOT FORSAKEN ME EVEN WHEN I THOUGHT HE HAD. Fast forward to MARCH 16 2018, I welcomed My RAINBOW babies. Beautiful twin girls 💃💃💃. Our God is never late. Olowo gbogboro I SAY THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME. I am proudly Mama Ejima. Iya Ibeji. My daughter is now a big sis. It can only be you LORD. HAPPY 32ND BIRTHDAY mum.

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