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Undergraduate dies from kerosene explosion weeks after matriculation

A young lady lost her life in a kerosene explosion at her house on Wednesday.
Eke Ukam Ogholo, a 21-year-old student of Cross River State University of Technology (CRUTEC)  died after kerosene exploded on her, barely two weeks after her matriculation.

According to reports, Ogholo, was killed in the evening of Wednesday, when she attempted to light a lantern after buying adulterated kerosene from a filling station, opposite her home at Ikot Nkebre, Calabar.

Her neighbour, identified only as Pamela, said an explosion was heard from Ogholo’s house around 8pm. Neighbours rushed to the scene and found Eke in a pool of blood.

A heartbroken Pamela said:

It was unfortunate because Eke just matriculated at CRUTEC on April 9, which was on a Monday.We all went to share the moment of joy with her. Today is just April 25, and she’s now dead, about to be buried. 
Another neighbour, who witnessed the incident said four people had died earlier from kerosene explosion.
The incident was the fifth in Ikot Nkebre community. Four people had earlier died, while another victim is in the hospital. Even the one in the hospital may not survive because of the degree of injuries she sustained. Before, people used to say that we should buy kerosene from filling stations. But now, people are dying from kerosene bought at filling stations.”
Eke has been taken to Biase, her hometown for burial.  

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