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Uche Jumbo is out here being petty... Actress calls out debtor on social media

Uche Jumbo is tired of pretending all is well with a debtor who has refused to pay. The actress is out here being petty. She took to Instagram to call out a debtor. Sadly the filmmaker refused to mention him by name, now we have no idea who this designer wearing debtor is.

According to Uche, the unnamed debtor pretends to not see her text messages.

The face you make when you see that person who borrowed money from you and hasn't paid back posting designer labels back to back on the gramCall him out or let him continue the fake life🤦🏾‍♀️ This is a warning POST.Do the needful or I shall use the gram to get my money. I WORK hard for it.P.s since you are not seeing my sms messages I'm SURE you will see this. she wrote.

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