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Newly weds trend on social media after their wedding photos go viral

These lovely newly weds are trending for the right reasons. The lovebirds got married in March in Imo State.

Reports have it that the unnamed couple wedded at a mass wedding in Imo State. 

The lovebirds were part of 50 couples joined together in holy matrimony at the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Parish, Umuagwo haji in Ohaji/Egbema LGA of the state.

The groom showed up fully dressed with his cane, while the bride wore a lovely wedding dress with a blue and green bouquet. We don't know if they were once married, or if this is their first marriage. Either way, we wish them all round bliss.

Wait... isn't it in Imo State they have the Ministry of Enjoyment and Couple's fulfilment? Looks like the Commissioner of Enjoyment and Couple's fulfilment finally settled down to work.

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