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Mikel Obi's cousin calls him out on social media, for abandoning his family

Looks like Mikel Obi's family are less than pleased with him. His cousin is out here slamming him for abandoning his uncle after he took ill.
The Super Eagles' captain got called out by his cousin Obiekezie Chukwuemeka, who accused him of helping outsiders and not his family members. Chukwuemeka wrote:

Good day to you cousin, how are you and your family? I just want to let you know that your uncle, my dad has been suffering from partial stroke, ur dad's only living brother right now. The one you meet at civic centre 5 years ago when you opened your foundation MR Christopher Obiekezie. I don't know if any of them i.e your parents told you he has been suffering this sickness since Nov2 though my dad asked his brother, your dad and he said he told you, even when my mum died 2 years back, he said he told you. I just want to get something straight, is it that you love showing outsiders that you are so caring , and a renders help to those that need them, and your own relatives are there living in abject poverty, in the villages, in Lagos Ajegunle, and so on. God that blessed you with this gift and luck knows why, he would have given it to Nnaemeka your elder brother, but he God has his reasons. I am not saying give us your money, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, just show your relatives that you care. Shekina. Your Cousin Obiekezie Chukwuemeka.

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