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Meat delivery man who was caught trying to rape an 11-year-old girl, beaten to a pulp

A meat delivery man who attempted to rape an eleven year old girl at his customer's home in Lagos was caught and beaten to a pulp. The incident happened on April 3, 2018.

Facebook user Chinaza Ude, who witnessed the incident said the man thought the teenage girl who happens to be his niece was home alone, so he attempted to rape her.
Ude was alerted by his neice's scream so he dashed to her rescue. He met the rapist tearing the little girl's top.

Ude wrote alongside photos of the rapist:

This fool happens to be our meat home delivery guy... today by 6pm he came on his normal weekly routine (delivering meat) thinking dat no body was at home tried to rape my niece (an 11 year old girl) i was quick to rush out wen i heard her shouting to my surprise i saw this guy tearing de little girls top ...heaven let loose😠😠 nd this is his new face. 

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