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Man beats wife to death because she wouldn't have sex with him

A British man is cooling his heels in police custody in Thailand, after he kicked his wife to death because she refused to have sex with him.

Kevin Smitham, a mechanical engineer reportedly confessed to kicking his wife Kanda, 29, in the face and on her body after she said no to him.

The 51-year-old man is said to have lashed out in a jealous rage, accusing his wife of cheating on him, then beat her to death and covered her remains with a blanket before going to bed.
Her body was discovered by neighbours who called the authorities the next morning.

Inspector General Watcharapol Pimwong said:

‘I arrived and found a woman lying naked in front of the house and called officials from the rescue foundation. The woman was Kanda Smitham, age 29. ‘The victim had a blanket covering her. There were many bruises on the face and body. She had been dead for several hours.’
He added: ‘Mr Smitham said he kicked her in her face then kicked her body several times. She ran away outside and fell down. He then put the blanket on her. ‘He said he did not mean to kill her.’
The couple, who lived in Pattaya together with their children, were visiting relatives during the songkran holiday. Police believe that they had stayed up drinking beer on Sunday evening before a fight broke.
Inspector Pimwong added:

‘The victim’s husband confessed to killing his wife. He said that he did not mean to kill her. ‘Last night he and his wife had beer until late at night. He went to sleep in the house. During the drinking and eating, suddenly they started arguing because he wanted to have sex.
‘His wife refused and this caused jealousy. He thought that the wife had been courting other men. He said he attack her with his foot, kicked her to face and body several times. ‘The wife ran away from home and fell in front of the house. He left his wife like that by covering the blanket to cover it. Then went to bed.’

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