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Ghanaian lady under armed robbery attack calls Ghana Police and was shocked by their response

Looks like the Police is Ghana is not different from their Nigerian counterpart. A Ghanian woman who was being robbed in the wee hour of the night, managed to put a call across to a police hotline and a shocking thing happened.

Facebook user Jessica Abudey and her family were under attack and she managed to call a police hotline and in less than 10 minutes, two police patrol vehicles arrived her house. Jessica, perplexed by the unusual happening took to the social platform to share her story.

“Wow …. Ghana Police has really surprised me …. my family and I were almost robbed at home and just a low key call to 191 with my home address and direction… armed police men with two patrol cars arrived in less than 10minutes… We thank God for our lives and secondly to the police…. I’m so grateful..” she wrote.
Way to go Ghana! Last week, there was a robbery incident in my estate. Police officers whose station is just 5 to 10 mins away, didn't show up until about an hour thirty minutes after they were called. It was a long night for the whole neighbourhood.

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