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Four-year-old girl wore rubber band for so long it became embedded in her skin (photo)

A young girl wore an elastic band around her arm for so long it damaged her skin.  The girl four-year-old girl identified as Le Le had a rubber band embedded in her skin after wearing it for a long period of time.

Her parents, oblivious of what had happened,  took to a hospital after they noticed a red ring looping her arm. Le Le, from Linquan county in China’s Eastern Anhui Province, was first taken to doctors by her grandparents, who she lives with, at the beginning of the year. But the doctors couldn't identify the problem and ruled it be an infection or allergies.

The condition worsened and Le Le’s parents had to take her to the Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine in Hangzhou.
Doctors there quickly diagnosed the problem and told them the ‘bangle-like’ growth around her arm was likely caused by an elastic band.

Her parents doubted the doctor but reluctantly agreed to let Le Le stay at the hospital for further analysis. Scans finally revealed a foreign body in the little girl's arm and after surgery was carried out, a rubber band was removed. Le Le is doing well but still in recovery at the hospital.

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