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Former Destiny's Child band member Michelle Williams is engaged

Michelle William is off the market. The former Destiny's child band member is engaged to her pastor boyfriend nearly one year after they announced their relationship.

Michelle and Pastor Chad Johnson announced their relationship in July 2017 but started dating in March after they met at a spiritual retreat organised by Johnson in Arizona.
They couple opened up to People about their journey.

“I was in a horrible, dark place,” Williams, 37, said. “I just needed to go somewhere where I could get a message of hope and restoration, rejuvenation, get connected to God.”
 Johnson, 40, who at the time had given up on dating said:

“When we met, both of us were in very similar places on a personal level. Michelle was coming off the heels of a really bad relationship, and I was just in a place of despair as well.”
They immediately hit it off after their first meeting but decided to focus on their purpose for being at the retreat.

“I mean, he was cute,” the singer admits, “but I did not go to flirt with the pastor!” When they parted ways, they kept in touch, and a friend of Johnson encouraged him to pursue Williams.
“I tried to roll in with some mac daddy game — and I tried to flirt a little bit and said something like, ‘How about you and I connect sometime?’ And right away, she texted right back with one word and six question marks behind it: ‘Connect??????'” recalls Johnson. “I thought she had dissed me. So I was embarrassed, and I didn’t reach back out to her because I thought I’d ruined the friendship.”

 Alas, that text exchange was just the beginning of their modern romance. About a week later, Johnson was on vacation with his 15- and 16-year-old nephews, whom he’s helped raise, and Williams slid into his DMs, responding to Johnson’s Instagram Story.
“The rest is history,” adds Johnson, who says their conversations soon moved from social media to text messages and frequent late-night FaceTime calls. 
“The day after we got engaged, Chad was like, ‘Okay, we gotta pick the wedding date! We gotta do all this stuff, Williams said.
 Johnson added:
“She was like, ‘Can we just revel in the moment, relish the feeling? ‘And I’m like, ‘Let’s go, let’s go!’ It’s gonna be… think James Bond-meets-Midsummer Night’s Dream — with a little hood in it [laughs]. It’s gonna be very traditional. We’re doing black-tie. We want it to be small and intimate and very private.”
 The couple have already concluded wedding plans. Michelle already bought a dress. They'll wed this summer.

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