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Eleven year old girl attempts suicide after intense abuse by her aunty

An eleven year old girl nearly committed suicide, after she was severely abused by her aunty.

According to reports, the unnamed girl (pictured above) nearly committed suicide due to the the extreme violence her guardian subjected her to.

The girl was sent to live with her aunt in Asaba, Delta State, but unfortunately, her aunt maltreated her so badly.

She was luckily rescued by a well-meaning Nigerian, who took the pain to get her help after she noticed bruises all over the child's body including her head.

The girl when questioned, broke down in tears. She revealed she was badly beaten and starved, to a point she attempted suicide. She said she drank hypo in a bid to kill herself but quickly took palm oil to neutralise the effect.

She indicated interest in returning to her parents in Warri, Delta State but was unsure of the address. A Due Process Advocate (DPA) Edafe Joshua helped locate and reunite her with her family.

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