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Doctors use condom to remove plastic swallowed by toddler

Condoms have different uses and not always what we think. A boy who accidentally swallowed a piece of plastic board game known as 'stone' was rescued using a condom.

Doctors in Zhongshan, China, found the 'stone' swallowed by two-year-old Xiaohao and proceeded to perform a surgery on him.

They attempted to retrieve it using a pair of forceps, because the stone was smooth, medics were confident that the boy’s digestive organs would not be pierced by it. However, it could still become lodged in his intestines and therefore needed to be removed immediately.

According to medics, the task proved difficult because of the slippery surface of the plastic piece. Head of gastroenterology at the facility, Dr Ruan Weishan advised surgeons to make use of a condom for the foreign body retrieval procedure.

The condom was inserted into the boy’s digestive tract, and the plastic stone placed into the condom, which was then easily pulled out of his body using forceps.

The procedure took several hours, but was successful. Xiaohao has since recovered and been discharged from hospital.

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