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Young boy who disguised as a girl caught after eating shawarma and drinking beer at nightclub

Awww... a young boy who disguised as a girl to trick men was caught and disgraced. According Facebook user Simeon Nsirim Chukwu, the unnamed cross dresser went clubbing with a man and after eating shawarma, suya and drinking beer to his fill, his host realised he was male not female. 

Please our young men should beware of who they mingle at night with. This young man who disguise himself as a woman was caught in a night club after eating sharwama, suya and consuming enough beer. Poverty in the land, he wrote.

Photos posted to Facebook show the crossdresser topless in nothing but a bra and trouser. He stuffed some rags into his bra, then wore a wig. He accessorised his look with a gold necklace. 

We have no idea why he was caught, but he sure could pass for a girl.

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