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Women have moved on from Lace Front Wigs to Lace Front Eyebrows (photo)

There is a new makeup trend. It is somewhat weird but we kinda like it. Women have now graduated from using lace front wigs to using eyebrow wigs. According to a report on Huffington Post,  Lace front eyebrow wig is the newest trend in the beauty sector. Women now attach these wigs to their eyebrows and you can hardly tell the real from the fake. They are mostly helpful to people recovering from chemo.
Huffington Post wrote:

Lace front eyebrows exist, and it might be something you’ve recently seen floating around the Internet. The false strips of hair are similar to lace front wigs, which are hair pieces where extensions are sewn into lace-like material, so when the wearer applies it, it gives the illusion of a natural hairline — that is of course, if it’s a good one. And although these might seem weird, these real-looking brows have many uses. As Refinery29 reports, they are great for people going through or recovering from chemotherapy and for those who just want fuller eyebrows.
Even though there are many positive feedbacks, there are also some negative reactions about it. A woman who wasn't entirely pleased by the fake brow wrote:
I bought lacefront brows for my tonight, hated them, and in a stress filled panic attack ripped them off & had to redo my forehead makeup.

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