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Woman records video showing how to smuggle drugs in the butt hole into prison... (18+)

A woman has caused quite an uproar online after she filmed a disturbing video where she was seen giving tips on how to smuggle crystal meth into prison.  The woman who claimed she was on a date while filming the controversial video gave step by step instructions on how to tricked prison officials.

She filmed the video which could land her in trouble with her face fully in the open.

In the video, the woman who introduced herself as P and P princess starts by placing her contraband on a table then proceeds to give lectures on how to wrap it then tuck it into the ass*hole.
P and P acted like a pro. She bent over with her butt facing the camera and parted her cheeks for the camera. This has to be the most stupid thing we have seen this month.

Click here to watch the graphic video... and lest we forget, this video looks like something Blac Chyna's mom mama Tokyo Toni could film, this is another form of cray.

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