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Woman in Lagos arrested for bruising her maid with heated iron and hot water (graphic photos)

A woman has been arrested after words got out that she mercilessly abused her maid. Police in Lagos State arrested the 36-year-old mother of four, Nkeiruka Ngwu, for physically abusing and causing bodily harm to her 10 year-old maid Chioma Samuel, whom she brought from Umuoju Ngwu in Abia State to Lagos, in January 2018.

Lagos State Poice spokesperson, SP Chike Oti in a statement released, said Nkieruka made life hell for the girl who moved into her house just two months ago.  On the 7th of March, Nkieruka allegedly used hot iron on the victim's hands and legs, then poured hot water on her which scalded her skin.

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested one Nkeiruka  Ngwu, female, 36 years old  of 47 Ogundana Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja,  a mother of four children, for physically abusing her ten- year -old househelp by name Chioma Samuel  whom she brought to Lagos from Umuoju, Ngwu in Abia State  sometime in January 2018  after the death of the girl's father.
The statement read:
On Thursday 8 March, 2018, Nkeiru's cup of iniquity got filled when she brought her  children to a private school located somewhere in  Ikeja, unfortunately for her, the prying eyes of other mothers  who came to the  same school to drop off their kids,  noticed the gaping wounds on the upper and lower limbs of the victim  who accompanied the suspect to the school. After questioning the girl, they waited for her Madam who had gone to drop her kids in their different classrooms. When she finished and was about to  drive off, she was  confronted by these women who  nearly mobbed her.  They were calmed by some teachers who heard their voices.  The women told the  suspect  to take the girl to a hospital or else they would  petition the Commissioner of Police Lagos State whom Lagosians have come to know as one who takes strong stance against  such crimes and other related crimes against  children,  women and  vulnerable persons in the society. In spite of their warning to report her to the authorities, Mrs Nkeiruka Ngwu like the proverbial dog that wouldn't hearken to its  master's clarion  call when death is lurking around the corner, stubbornly came to the  school on Friday 9th March, 2018, accompanied by the child victim whose  wounds were  manifestly untreated. On seeing that their warnings were  taken for granted, the  women  made good their promise  to call the attention of the Commissioner of Police,Lagos State to   the matter.  The CP immediately ordered the arrest of the woman and directed the Gender Section of the Command   to take the child-victim  to police hospital for proper  treatment. They are to ensure that the girl is fed very well until the Social Welfare Department of the Lagos State Government come for the girl . Investigation into the case is in progress   while the Nkieruka will appear in court on the 12th of March.

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