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'Woe unto any man or woman who marries TBoss and her siblings' - TBoss father, Vincent Idowu, places curse on her

TBoss father's Vincent Idowu has been trending online the whole day. The father of the controversial reality star got tongues wagging after he placed a curse on the reality star and her siblings on social media.
Vincent Idowu alleged that TBoss and her siblings abandoned him.
Trouble started after a troll called him out for not inviting his children to his wedding which was done over the weekend. The disrespectful troll said the elderly man looked like a roasted goat.

The lecturer father of the reality star responded with an epistle of his own. He placed a curse on the troll then revealed he hadn't seen Tboss since August 2016. He ended his rant by cursing any man or woman who marries TBoss or her siblings.

Here's what he said:

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