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Wife to be of former Catholic priest Rev Father Patrick Edet revealed ahead of March wedding

We have finally gotten a bit of info on the woman former Roman Catholic priest Patrick Edet is about to marry. We reported days ago that the Uyo-based priest who resigned last year will wed in March this year.
According to The Ink Newspaper, the popular priest whose resignation caused a bit of uproar amongst his followers will wed former school teacher Inyene Sampson on the 17th of March.

Inyene Sampson

Reverend Father Patrick Edet who announced his resignation 6 months ago took to Planet 101.1 FM Uyo, to announce he will be getting married in March, but refused the name his bride.
He bride has now been named as Inyene Sampson.

Contrary to rumours that the two were dating for four long years, well before his resignation from priesthood, The Ink reports that Father Patrick and Inyene met in May 2017 and got along like a good brother and sister in Christ until their relationship metamorphosized into a love affair and then marriage.
Inyene is from Atai Ibiaku Itam in Itu Local Governent Area of Akwa Ibom State, and was a teacher at Hillside International Nursery School, Uyo until her resignation. 

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