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Watch this hilarious video of a hen pretending to be dead so a cork don't lay with it

This hilarious video of a hen pretending to be dead, just so a horny cock stays away from it has been cracking people up on social media.

In the video, a cock is seen trying to get down with a hen. The hen lays on the floor pretending to be dead. The cock loiters around the hen for a while, disappointed that he couldn't get its special treat.

The hen lies there patiently until the cock leaves. The deceptive hen then jumps up, shakes itself and starts to move.
Whoever knew chickens could be this smart?
Social media users have found the video hilarious and relatable. A user commented on the video saying, the hen behaved like a typical woman. He said, women pretend to have headache at night, just to avoid sex.

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