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Video of mother using her baby as umbrella during heavy downpour goes viral

A mother is being criticised online after a video showing her endangering the life of her baby for her selfish reasons went viral.

In the video, an uncaring mom is seen using her daughter to shield herself from the rain. The lady dressed in T-shirt and shorts held her daughter above her head, then runs towards a car in a parking lot, outside a mall which could have been selling umbrellas.
The ratchet mother then hesitates and dashes back into the mall still holding her daughter as protective cover for her hair in the heavy downpour.

The video which has been making the rounds on Twitter has more than 88, 000 favourites and 44, 000 retweets. People on Twitter slammed the woman for endangering the life of her young child just to protect to hair.

Watch the video below:

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