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Toke Makinwa takes swipe at people who criticised her when her marriage crashed

Toke Makinwa appears to have sent a memo to her haters. The On Air Personality decided to share a few words of advice with her followers and used to opportunity to sling a few shots at those who criticised her during her marriage breakup.
The fashionista, in her post, revealed her critics are going through worse than she did back then.

In my own words, invest in your glow up 🥂🥂💫For anyone out there living in the fear of being judged or misunderstood, listen - “ Greatness is first despised before being celebrated”. Do you, do you over and over again and remember it’s really not that serious. I remember when my marriage broke up, I was judged by people who didn’t even have their shit together, years after I’ve seen some of those people go thru their own battles, some even worse than I did and it taught me to be kind, to have compassion to face my front cos nobody has it easy. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about, let God alone be the judge of all of us cos it’ll be a damn shame if you perfect Nancy don’t make heaven because you played judge here on earth, she wrote.

Toke and her ex-husband Maje Ayida had a messy break up in 2015 after Maje impregnated his longtime mistress Anita Solomon. News of the breakup took the internet by storm with many criticising the outgoing celeb, blaming her for not being able to keep a man.

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