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R Kelly tricks woman into performing oral s*x on him, then chase her away... she said he smells badly between his legs

R Kelly has been having a lot of bad press lately. A woman has called him out and is accusing him of tricking her into performing oral sex on him then refusing to pay her the $3, 000 he promised.

The interview was recored a few months ago but started to trend again recently.

The woman claim they met at a hotel she stayed in Alabama. R kelly rented a room at the same hotel as the woman after his concert.
The woman whose name is Kenya J said R. Kelly was playing basketball with her kids, when he walked up to her.
Later that night, they talked and he asked why she was at the hotel. She told him her house caught fire and she was staying there for a while. Kenya said R Kelly promised to give her  $3,000 to sort herself out.

After their conversation, at about 9:30pm, he went into his truck and called her over. He asked her to get in the truck and she obeyed.
He reiterated his willingness to give her the money, but there was a catch. She was to give him oral sex in exchange for the money. He insisted he won't give her the money unless she performed oral sex on him. Kenya said R Kelly made his demand with a raised voice and was somewhat aggressive.

He kept repeating that to get the money she have to give him oral sex. Kayla said she was low on cash and didn't have anything for her kids so she gave in. She didn't ask for the money before the act because she believed him.

During the act, she noticed R. Kelly smelt really bad between his legs and the smell turned her stomach. He was still in his basketball cloths from earlier and hadn't had a shower. He nutted into a white towel, cleaning himself with the same towel.

After the act, R.Kelly refused to pay Kenya. He claimed he had only his card on him not cash. He then ordered her out of his truck. When she threatened to expose him, he said nobody would believe her.  Click below to listen to the woman.

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