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Popular pastor caught on tape throwing money on strippers in a strip club

A popular pastor in Florida was caught preaching in a strip club only this time, he preached with some dollar bills in his hands. The pastor who wasn't named, decided to take the word to strippers but ended up feeling some bare behinds.

According to reports, the church council held an emergency meeting last night in a bid to address the scandal the pastor has caused the church. It not yet known if he will be excommunicated.

Last month, a priest, Reverend Sttennett Kirby was caught on tape smoking crack, snorting cocaine, watching porn and discussing prostitutes. Kirby of West Ham Parish Church East London was excommunicated after the story went viral.

It's not surprising to see another MOG visit strippers and give them his church member's tithe. As expected, the video which is slowly passing through Social Media street has elicited a lot hilarious comments.

"Nigga is that my tithes and offerings," a commenter wrote." 1 foot in the church the other in the street. After the Lord gets his 10%, the hoes get 10%. If they want more, 5% each hole. Them hoes can potentially walk away with 25%. Thats 15% more than the Lord, another said. 
Bless his heart, he outchea in the field saving souls one ass grab at a time. 
Click here to watch. 

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