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People are saying Rick Ross suffered from acute exhaustion after all night threesome with strippers

Rapper Rick Ross has reportedly been on life support for a couple days after he allegedly suffered brain damage and a heart attack.
A new report now claim that contrary to the brian damage story, the Purple Lamborghini crooner  suffered acute exhaustion while he was having threesome with some strippers.

According to Media Take Out, an unofficial spokesperson for Ross said the Rapper didn't have a seizure but was only 'nutting'. Here's how they reported it:

Yesterday there was ALL KINDS ON NEWS – surrounding the HEALTH of superstar rapper Rick Ross. He was hospitalized for an unspecified condition.TMZ claimed that he rapper had what appeared to be a heart attack, and was placed on LIFE SUPPORT.
But MTO News spoke with TWO sources inside Ross camp who say the report is WRONG.
We’re told that Ross suffered a bout of ACUTE EXHAUSTION – after a long and vigorous THREESOME with two strippers. Ross’ team told MTO News, “Ross was exhausted, he spent the night with two strippers.”
The insider continued, “He over-exerted himself with the hoes, and we wasn’t drinking enough water.”
Ross camp also claims that Ross got fluids for dehydration and exhaustion – and was NEVER on life support.
And what about the reports of Rozay having a seizure. You won’t BELIEVE this answer.
Ross unofficial spokesperson told MTO News, “It wasn’t a seizure, the man was just nutting.”

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