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Passenger recounts ordeal as Arik Air flight flying from Lagos to Accra catches fire while airborne

A passenger on Arik Air flight has recounted their near crash experience when an Arik Air flight traveling from Lagos to Accra caught fire while airborne. According to the passenger, the incident happened on the 6th of March, 2018. The unidentified passenger who gave a rather distinct description of the incident accused the airline of trying to suppress information about the near crash.

I boarded Arik air flight W3304 to Accra on Tuesday 06/03/2018. The name of the aircraft is STEPHEN. the passenger recounts. It was a Dash 8 NextGen propeller aircraft. The flight took off precisely 7.20pm (Lagos time)
35 minutes into the 55 minutes flight, I started perceiving something smelling like a burning stuff. Shortly after the guy sitting next to me asked if I perceived any smell of burning stuff and that confirmed my worst fears. Before you could say jack, smoke has filled the cabin. The air hostesses were busy scampering around opening the cabins and the lavatories to check if they could trace the source of the smoke without success.
While that continued, the oxygen masks that were always being advertised during the safety demo prior to take-off couldn't be released instead we were handed tissue papers (otherwise called serviets) to use to cover our noses to minimize and filter out possible carbon monoxide inhalation.
 Five minutes later, and 15 minutes into the flight, the pilot who had been silent all through, came on the public address system to inform them of the situation they were already away of. He told them they didn't know the source of the fire. He revealed to the fearful passengers that they had "declared emergency".

At that point we knew that our lives were only in God's hands. Everyone prayed to his/her God. To the glory of God, the flight successfully landed by 8.15pm (7.15pm Accra time) to the waiting of several fire service trucks at Kotoko International airport, Accra.
 The passengers were evacuated into a waiting bus with instructions to leave their belongings in the cabin. Once they were out of the aircraft, there was airline official to address them or administer first aid to help manage the stress caused by the incident.

After a while our cabin luggage were brought to us and we had to leave from there to go through the Ghana immigration to our individual destinations.
I'm highly discouraged that this near crash major incident was not reported in the media 2 days after (today is 08/03/2018) and I suspect a cover up by Arik and the authorities. So I have chosen to use the social media to ensure this news gets out.
Kindly keep forwarding this message till everybody is made aware of the quality and kind of services Arik air gives and the possible cover ups before something terrible happens.
If anyone is in doubt, I can be reached through [email protected] and I can provide my phone number for further verification.
Thanks for sharing with all your contacts and groups, he concluded.

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