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Nigerians react after President Buhari promise to help Ghana fight Corruption

So Nigerians are out here dragging President Buhari, after his epic speech in Ghana on Tuesday. Ghana celebrated their independence yesterday and President Buhari was one of the attendees.

During his speech, he was quoted as saying 'Nigeria will help Ghana fight corruption' and people on social media are wondering what that hell he was thinking.
A Social media user who seemed angered by his speech took to Facebook to throw punch lines. She wrote:

Nigeria will help Ghana fight corruption."
Let me laugh out loud first; hahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahah....
Every single damn day in this country, my president brings up new drama and new slogans.
I mean, the high king of a corrupted country like Nigeria is trying to fight corruption in another country. A country that their economy is far better than ours.
I have so many questions I would have loved to ask, but nobody will answer me.😒The whole message president Buhari delivered to Ghanaians today is like a bunch beautifully wrapped fake rose flowers thrown in the air.
Ghanaians, president buhari came to your country and lied to y'all, you couldn't at least scream 'lies! go away old man!'
If we can even help ourselves with PVCs, and cooperate, and not try to put in another extra dramatic old human on that overrated aso rock king throne, then we will be fine again.
In our opinion, we think President Buhari should finish fighting corruption here before he extends the largesse to Ghana. Let's build ours first before helping others. Charity they say begins at home.

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