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Nigerian man shares photos of his father's yam barn after a successful harvest

Ouuuhhhh... who wants to eat yam? Remember Okonkwo's famous barn in China Achebe's Things Fall Apart? There is a non fictional replica of it in Enugu.

A Nigerian man has shown his father's elaborate barn. Robert Nwokoro took to Facebook to show his father's yam barn after the year's harvest. He referred to his father as the 'perfect depiction of Achebe's Okonkwo' . Nwokoro who is proud of his father shared several photos of his dad posing in front of his barn and captioned it:

Perhaps you 've been looking for a perfect depiction of Achebe's Okonkwo, I present to you my own Okonkwo: Chief Andrew Okoro Aja, the Patriarch of Aja family. He is my father, very industrious and conservative. This year's harvest is surplus! The man is just extra-ordinary! I'm proud of you dad.

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