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Married pastor accidentally uploads picture of himself kissing another man online

This is what happens when God decides to disgrace a man. A married New York-based pastor, Tommy Clark has come under criticism after he accidentally posted a loved up photo with his gay lover.

Pastor Clark uploaded a photo of himself, kissing a man on his Facebook page. The shocking photo left members of his congregation in disarray.

He immediately deleted the picture after he realised what had happened, but not before his members screenshot the raunchy photo.

In the photo, Pastor Clark is seen lying on the bed with a heavily tattooed man, who also pierced his nipple. The two share a kiss with their eyes closed.
The gay pastor has now deleted all his social media accounts and has gone incommunicado. No idea if he'll show up in church on Sunday.

1 comment:

Thomas Gross said...

He needs to show up at church . . . at the altar!

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