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Man finds a dead mouse in his can of Red Bull after drinking everything

A man posted a video online, claiming he found a dead mouse in his can of Red Bull drink. Josh Henley took to Facebook to show off his discovery immediately he found the little creature in his little can of goodness. He was half way into the drink which he bought at a newsagent in Arkansas, US, when he made the grim discovery. Henley shared a video of himself cutting open the can to reveal the dead animal.
 I drank a Red Bull last night, I should have gotten rid of it. Apparently, there is a mouse in it. Check your Red Bull before you drink it, apparently, they might have rats in, he said.

 He admits the drink was left in his car overnight and when he went to pour it out the next day, he felt something heavy inside.
‘When I emptied it out, I heard that thud, I was like “what is that?” and I said “oh my God”,’ he said. ‘I said “I gotta film it ‘cuz nobody’s gonna believe it”.’
 Josh’s video has been viewed at least 41,000,000 times and shared 52, 000 since it was posted. Josh said he strongly believes the mouse didn't get into his drink on its own. People might have to start drinking from transparent bottles now.

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