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Man denied Holy Communion in Church because of his beard

Chuka Amadiume was denied Holy Communion because of his beard

A nicely bearded man took to social media to protest after he was denied Holy Communion by a Venerable, just because he kept a beard.

According to Chuka Amadiume,  he was at an Anglican Church for communion but was denied the emblem because he wore a beard which in all fairness, does look good on him.

Chaka took his frustration to social media. He wrote:

Two days ago, i went for Holy Communion at an Anglican church in Nigeria.I received a shocker!
"The Venerable aka the Pastor aka the Archdeacon told me i would not be given the "bread & wine" because i had a beard!I insisted and was given, i left really heartbroken!
"Did a little research and came up with these findings proving that most of the great Christians in the Bible had beards;
"1) Leveticus 19 vs 27
"2) Psalm 133
"3) 2nd Samuel 10 vs 5
"4) 1st Samuel 21 vs 13
"5) Ezekiel 5 vs 1
"6) Ezra 9 vs 3
"7) Isaiah 50 vs 6
"My question is:
"a) Did "Jesus Christ" have a beard?
"b) Was it ever written in the bible that i will not make heaven if i have a beard?
 Ok this one is absurd. How are people like that Venerable even allowed to head a church?

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