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ISIS leaks Meghan Markle's nude photos (18+ photos)

Awww... Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan Markle phone was hacked and her nude photos released online.  ISIS had earlier in the week threatened to release nude photos of the princess but Kensington Palace called their bluff.
ISIS made good their threat today and release semi-nude photos of the actress. In the photos, Meghan was seen topless at a beach. She had nothing on but a white bikini bottom.

They issued more threats alongside the nude images.

The pathetically impotent British imperialists would be wise to heed ISIS’ most reasonable demands before even more Meghan Markle nudes are leaked…
Yes, this is no doubt just the beginning of the degeneracy we will see leaking from the hopelessly depraved British royal family, they said.
 They initially made the following demands:
The first “demand” asks UK troops to withdraw from Muslim holy lands. The second “demand” orders the removal of Queen Elizabeth II so that London’s mayor Sadiq Khan can become the leader of the “Caliphate of Britainsta.”

The third “demand” is a bit strange. They asked for a delivery of three dozen sheep of the “finest” quality. The shipment is to be dropped off at an undisclosed location near the borders of Syria and Iraq.

Click here to see the uncensored photos.

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