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High school principal resigns after he was caught having sexual relations with 34 students and 5 teachers

A high school principal has been forced to resign after footage of him having inappropriate relations with his students went viral.

 Gregory Finch submitted his resignation to the Gauteng Department of education, South Africa, after video and photos of his exploits with students between the ages of 16-18 emerged on social media.

Finch recorded himself taking advantage of young school girls and teachers and also kept a ton of evidence as proof.  Gauteng Department of Education released a statement saying:

Our inquiry revealed that the said principal resigned in October 2017; and as such his last day was 15 January 2018. It must be noted that he is no longer in the employment of the department; however, we will report him to the South African Council of Educators (SACE) to be struck off the roll with immediate effect”.
The school has offered counselling to the kids involved and promised to help them through the difficult stage.

Click here and here to see the teachers.

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