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Fashion Police in CBN: Woman refused entry into Central Bank of Nigeria for wearing "short dress"

So you guys need to know we now have fashion police at Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). A woman was denied entry into CBN because she wore a dress they deemed 'too short'.

Facebook user, Ifeoma Malo took to the social networking platform to say her sister was denied entry into Nigeria's apex bank because she dressed 'inappropriately'.

According to Malo, her sister, a senior manager at an international firm traveled from Lagos to Abuja for a meeting at CBN. The woman who wasn't aware CBN had become a religious organisation wore a dress she was comfortable in. She was refused entry by the receptionist because her dress was not long enough.

Malo wrote:

See this lady?
See the dress?
Here's the story...
Middle sister of mine...
She is a senior manager at an Intl Company... with HQ in Lagos
Company sends her to Anuja for meeting with CBN
She come to town with her team...
Gets to CBN
Refused entry by security receptionist
Reason? The dress she is wearing in this picture was too short
Please understand. This.
This dress was too short for CBN
As in CBN of Nigeria
If her colleagues did not corroborate her story honestly I would have thought she was trine punk me.
I ma tired sha... 

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