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Emmanuel Adebayor and Dillish Matthews confirm relationship after months of hiding

Looks like Emmanuel Adebayo and Dillish Matthews are tired of playing hide and seek with their relationship.
The Togolese football star and the former Big Brother Africa winner have been rumoured to be dating for months now. They kept mum about their relationship, refusing to deny or confirm, until days ago.

Rumours about their relationship began when Dillish started making frequent trips to Istanbul, Turkey where Adebayor currently resides. One day Adebayor accidentally uploaded a photo of a mystery woman's leg and his, captioning it 'his and hers'. People figured it was Dillish in the photo after she uploaded a photo of herself wearing the same shoes. Adebayor quickly deleted the photo.
Last month, Dillish showed off 300 roses her boyfriend gifted for Valentine but kept mum about the giver.

They both seem to have decided to stop playing pretend and come out in the open, but it is one step at a time. Right now, all they are doing is leave love emojis on each others' photos.
Dillish posted a photo and Adebayor commented with seven heart emojis. She reciprocated the gesture with three heart emojis on his photo days ago.  It's safe to say, they are now publicly acknowledging each other. That's a good thing right? After all, we love them together.

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