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Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni now twerks in a thong for cash on social media (video)

Ok... Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni is at it again. The mother of one has gone full blown 'thot'. She has found a new way of making money on social media, sadly it's an embarrassing one, maybe because she is older.

Tokyo Toni now twerks in a thong for quick cash. The mother of Blac Chyna created a private page on Instagram where people pay to watch her twerk in a thong and do all sort of things.

Blac Chyna and Tokyo Toni

Weeks ago, she was on Facebook Live teaching guys how to give head properly and the ladies how to suck d*cks.

People who saw her video said she needs to start her lectures Chyna, since the leaked video of Chyna giving a blow job was wack.

Aside from behaving funny on social media, Tokyo Toni takes care of the needy. That's a good thing at least.

Click here to watch her video below:

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