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Atiku Abubakar goes to watch Black Panther, buys ticket for everyone at the cinema

Atiku Abubakar is out here trying to win over the hearts of movie lovers. The former Nigerian Vice President went to a cinema in Abuja to watch highly anticipated movie Black Panther, and ended up buying tickets for everyone at the cinema.

The politician who is yet to declare his intention to run for president was at Silverbird Cinema, Jabi Mall, Abuja when a crowd of people gathered and cheered him. He got excited and decided to spoil everyone at the cinema.

Tweeters at the cinema tweeted photos of Atiku flanked by movie watchers. Many criticised him for going to watch a movie in the wake of Dapchi girls kidnaped. While others saw him as a philanthropist who is only reaching out to people.
You be the judge, do you think this was done because of 2019?

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