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Young lady foresees her death in a dream, updates her status on Facebook, then dies the next day

Creepy if you ask us, but a young lady who constantly dreamt of death has lost her life.

24-year-old Khalla Nguyen died on Saturday morning in a car crash in Jersey City, New Jersey, just a day after revealing on her Facebook status that she had dreamt of dead people. Khalla had written:
I keep dreaming about death this week & Last night dreamt about a dead relative. What are these dreams trying to tell me..

She was driving with her friend Khadija Hamilton when the 2000 Honda Accord they rode in, slammed into a metal barrier along Newark Avenue near Seventh Street.

The accident scene

Khalla who was sitting at the backseat of the car driven by her friend, died instantly but her friend survive.

According to preliminary law enforcement reports, Hamilton was drinking and smoking marijuana when the accident happened. She and a second person who wasn't named, fled the scene after the accident, because she didnt have a license but surrendered to authorities later that day with her lawyer in tow.

Khadija Hamilton ran away after the crash

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