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Watch this hilarious video of strippers praying before climbing the pole

Photos and videos of a group of strippers praying before plying their trade has gone viral. Agreed it is unusual but it is kinda hilarious.

In the video, the woman leading the prayer was heard asking the Lord to help her make a lot of money, to get her butt and breast done 'because Blac Youngsta is coming to town'. She also asked Jesus to stop her baby daddy from showing up to f*ck with her money.

The others then took turns to say what they needed. Some said they need new hair, while another was heard saying she needs new titties. The video since posted online has attracted lots of comments.

People said strippers praying before stepping on the pole is not strange as it happens every other day.

What is even more funny with this video is actually the person with the camera. The camera man or woman just kept zooming in on the massive behinds.

Watch the video below:

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