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'Stop the illusion that President Buhari can't be beaten in 2019, he can be beaten silly' - Sahara Reporters founder, Omoleye Sowore

Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoleye Sowore, is not here for the arrogance members of President Buhari's cabal are exhibiting. He took to Facebook to drum some sense into their heads with a few words which has since gone viral.

President Buhari's supporters have continuously bragged about how unbeaten he'll be at the polls in 2019. Despite performing woefully, his supporters have continued to be unshaken in their stance. Their belief that President Buhari will be re-elected particularly stem from the fact that a huge number of people turned up in Kano to welcome the President when he visited weeks ago.

Even though the President is yet to publicly declare for office in 2019, the 'cabals' have been drumming support for him from left right and centre. Weeks ago, Minister of Communications, Adeboye Shittu showed up to their cabinet meeting wearing a branded base ball cap with the inscription "Continuity 19: Muhammadu Buhari/ Osinbajo."

Sowore irked by their arrogance decided to jolt them back to their senses.

People should jettison the illusion that President Muhammadu Buhari can’t be beaten in 2019, he sure can be beaten and beaten silly to put a permanent end to the delusion and despicable arrogance of members of his cabal, he wrote.

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