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See the beautiful way Miss Bum Bum, Suzy Cortez boarded a flight

Former Miss Bum Bum Suzy Cortez is out here showing how it's done. The Brazilian model shared a sizzling photo of herself boarding a jet in noting but her undies. The 27-year-old model showed off her famous bum in an almost there lingerie and we kinda love it.

The former Playboy model who loves to strip naked at the slightest opportunity, is also football superstar Lionel Messi's number one fan.
She once revealed she was blocked from sending the legendary footballer private messages on Instagram by his girlfriend turned wife Antonella  Ruccuzzo, and now we know why.

She told Daily Mail:
 Much of this has to do with his girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo who has, rather unsurprisingly not taken well to the idea of a model sending her partner x-rated posterior pics.'
She added: 'I was surprised and upset after finding my profile blocked. I do not believe it was the #messi, so I launched the campaign #UnBlockMeMessi.'

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