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Sam Smith and boyfriend Brandon Flynn nearly swallow each other as they share steamy kiss

Someone please get Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn a room please! Singer Sam Smith and his actor boyfriend were spotted sharing a very steamy kiss the other day.

The crooner, who is dating 13 Reasons Why star Brandon Flynn, were spotted indulging in a hot smooch as they headed to a fish and chip shop in London's Soho district. The lovers had their eyes only on each other as they giggled and looked lovingly into each others eyes during their lunch date.

Sam's sister was with them at the time and decided to politely turn away from the lovebirds when they got carried away by lust. The three then walked into member's club, Soho house to get more freaky.

Smith and Brandon first made their relationship public, after they were spotted kissing in New York in October, 2017.

Looking at these photos, the first thing that comes to mind is, 'couldn't they have opened their mouths wider'? I mean, the two looked like they were going to swallow each other. I am jealous... I think I am.

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