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Prankster runs outside with a metal pan on his head during storm... he is dead now and will be buried soon (video)

A social media prankster has lost his life after he was struck by lightning and everything was caught on camera. 

The unnamed man who is reportedly from Hawaii attempted to “prank” his friend, by running into the storm with a metal pan on his head. He unfortunately got struck by lightning and died on the spot. 
In the video, the prankster was seen running into the rain with a metal pan on his head.
While the person recording didn’t actually catch the moment he was struck on camera, a huge blast was seen, and the lightning strike triggered the alarms of cars parked in the parking lot. Screams were heard following the lightning bolt before the recording abruptly ends. 
This is one of the many occasions where people lose their lives all in the name of having fun. It is safe to say lightning and metals do get along, so leave metals alone when it is stormy. 

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