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Police officer allegedly kills man getting married next week in Benin... he pushed him in front of an oncoming trailer (graphic photos)

There's a very disturbing news coming from Benin City, Edo State. A driver was killed this morning by a policeman simply because he refused to give him enough bribe.

According to several online reports, a man was killed this morning at upper Igun Road, because he refused to bribe a police officer at a checkpoint. The man whose offense wasn't revealed, was stopped by the unnamed officer. He pleaded with the officer to take N1700 and let him go but the officer refused and insisted on more.

The policeman then pushed the man who was with his fiancee at the time, in front of an oncoming trailer, killing the man on the spot. The couple were reportedly getting married next week.

Angry youths took to the streets to burn down patrol vehicles. The roads have been blocked and there's violence everywhere.

 A Facebook user shared the story online. He wrote: 

See what unnecessary police check point has caused in Benin. This is upper Igun road, this morning just because the guy (deceased) refuse to give bribe to the police officers. Eye witness says the guy ( deceased) even pleaded to pay 1700 for his bail, but they refuse ... Unfortunately the guy met his untimely death when a police man pushed him into moving trailer that crushed him along the road . Full story later.

Another user who shared a similar version of the story wrote:

Sad news from Benin City M.M. Way b4 slop God oooo police man push a guy into a moving vehicle just now ooooo b4 my very eyes ooo, 2 step away from my house. d man wedding na next week oooo. Just imagine d wife to b said d police man ask them to bring money d man was not having d amount that was demanded of him. He begged them with #1750 d police man said no that was wen he push d man into a moving trailer and rune away. D woman can not talk again her wedding is next week. Just see death. Government most stop this police men road blocking of a thing.

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